Elizabeth B. Nordlinger
has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a background
in art and architecture, and subsequent studies in
interior design and interior
Before opening her design
firm in Palo Alto, California,
she worked for architecture
firms in Washington, D.C.
and Massachusetts. She
has traveled extensively
and been greatly
influenced by international
design in Scandinavia,
South Africa, Spain, Mexico and the United Kingdom.
Renovation Design is a full-service interior design firm serving the
San Francisco Bay Area. We are known for our fresh, livable aesthetic
with a particular focus on color, comfort and quality workmanship.

We renovate and remodel homes, transforming them into high-
functioning residences where the life and activities of the owner
are enhanced through our design and vision.

Renovation Design prides itself in offering a higher attention to
detail and management on each our projects, insuring that each
design reflects the individual personality and lifestyle of our clients.

We create homes that we and our clients can be very proud of!